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The LAWSC 2001 Year End Newsletter

Here we are again and ...... GEEEZ..... What happened to Summer?!?

Well, lets think back. What DID happen this summer?


Barefoot Bonanza Day

We had a very successful Barefoot Bonanza Day, hosted by our very own Mr. and Mrs. Parker. This couple just seems to outdo themselves year after year! Here's a few highlights from this year’s excursion:

  • Winning team of the barefoot regatta - Angie Banner, Frank Gates, Eric Grinnalds, Rightly McConnell, Matt Banner and Steve Parker.
  • Baddest (as in goodest) Footer award went to - Bruce Banner.
  • Best New Footer award - Rightly McConnell.
  • Best Trick (or is that Trickster) award - Frank Gates. (A cool double jump-out.)
  • All Girl Barefoot Run (otherwise known as the Estrogen Run) - Patty Parker, Linda Gates and Angie Banner.
  • All Guys Barefoot Run (aka, the Testosterone Run) - Bruce Banner, Joe Segro, and Frank Gates.
  • First time footers at the event were - Holly Grove, Steve Johnson, Sandy Kauffman, Michael Johnson, Linda Faust, Susan Beall, Beth Grinnalds and Rightly McConnell.
  • And the "Grand Finale" - Steve Parker on the long line while Eric, Matt and Rightly where "hanging out" on the boom.
  • What a wild time we all had, and what a turn out! Mucho thanks to Steve and Patty for formatting such a fun morning - keep it comin’ guys!


    Fun Day

    Fun Day was downright fun this year. Bill Filling, where do you come up with all those exciting and hilarious games? The best game of the day was the short line 1 ball contest. It ended in a 4-way tie for first place. The following all made one ball at 38 off:

    • Eric Grinnalds on a wakeboard
    • Aaron Freeman on a wakeboard
    • Burt Freeman via slalom ski
    • Bill filling, slalom ski, of course

    And lets not forget the Tandem Ski event. Two type-A personalities, Burt Freeman and Bill Filling, on a single slalom ski – Yikes! Is that why you were all muddy Bill? Wrestling in the mud… to see who could be in front?


    All Wakeboard Ski Day

    The All Wakeboard Ski Day saw 9 wakeboarders up and running! (And Mr. Beall didn’t even have to replace the engine in his 190 afterwards.) Everyone had a great time and the weather was perfect!


    Slalom Tournament #1

    This years mid-season Slalom Tournament had a big turnout. Members of the winning team were: Bruce Banner, Andy Beall, Morgan Filling, Sandy Kauffman, Pat Sucec, and Matthew or Michael Johnson. We can't remember which one 'cause our brains are still waterlogged.

    And, by the way, don’t forget, the season’s end Slalom Tournament #2 is Saturday, September 15. This will be the last event of the season, so lets have a big turnout.



    Congratulations to ‘Rat Bastard and Diva’ for finally tying the knot after fourteen LOOOOONG years of courtship. Holly, the FDT guys are really disappointed that you passed them up for Grubby.

    Also, congratulations to April and Debbie for the great "Tee Shirt Sale" it was a huge success. We still have a few hats and shirts available if interested. Contact Deb Sucec at 717-583-0528, or stop by the Sucec’s trailer at Gamler’s.


    Adaptive Ski Clinic

    This year, the P. K. Filling Adaptive Water Skiing Clinic was more successful than ever! The turn out was fantastic. We want to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication, and the giving of themselves to others. Larey Kauffman, again, has done an awesome job of organizing and directing this annual event. This year, special thanks go out to the Pequea Ski Club, The Junior League, Harley Davidson, and several anonymous individuals for their generous financial contributions.

    This is the season’s "Main Event" for the Pequea and Lake Aldred ski clubs. So watch out, both clubs will be soliciting for donations and help all through the year with raffles, ticket sales, and what ever it takes to ensure the continued success of this very special, worthwhile event.

    We would also like to give a warm thanks to R.L. and Bev for providing access and parking for this event to the participants, their families, the news media, and the Easter Seals staff. Oh, and lets not forget the keg and corn-on-the-cob for the "kick off party" the night before. More kudos go out to the Columbia, Wrightsville, and Lake Aldred River Rescue Squads for providing us with the security that we need to make this a safe event. Thanks guys and gals! You’re the best!


    Much thanks

    While we’re on the focus of thanking people… we need to recognize a few others that always seem to be there in time of need. Tara Filling for providing the food for the meetings. The guys who put in the course and, most of all, take it out (fish eggs, YUK!). Bob Goss for storing the floating dock and signs. And lets not forget Dick Meyer for the Shed.

    Speaking of pulling the course, mark your calendars for Sunday, October 20, 8am - sharp. Continental breakfast will be served for all workers.

    Ok, enough of that, its now time for the accomplishments and personal bests of the summer!


    Personal Accomplishments

    Ski school has paid off nicely for 8 members of the club. Four of our senior members went to Wade Cox Training Center in Orlando, FL ( Burt Freeman, Pat Sucec, Jack Grinnalds, and, the not so senior, Andy Beall. All have accomplished personal bests. Way to go guys! It just goes to show… You’re never to old to learn, and FDT…

    Next, four of our young "rising stars" went to Coble Water Ski School and Camp in Lillington, NC ( Morgan Filling went down to work on her slalom (she's now running 6 balls @ 30mph and 3 balls @ 32mph, not bad for 13 - you go girl!), while Rightly McConnell, Aaron Freeman, and Eric Grinnalds opted for wakeboard lessons. The guys have been landing all kinds of new stuff ever since! Your money was well spent, Moms and Dads - Thanks!

    Speaking of wakeboarders, have we mentioned that 9 year old (or is that 10?) Tyler Filling has been working on his air 360… (and his Dad’s nerves)… We love that boy!!!

    How about the ladies doing the course this year! Sandy Kauffman has been going to town ever since she got the new ski goggles, what a babe... Linda Faust has been tearing it up too - you’re looking good sweetie… Susan Beall become addicted to the slalom course at about mid-season and is now sad to see summer come to an end - she's been doing great in there… And Beth Grinnalds is putting away the slalom ski, grabbing her snow skis and heading for France for a whole semester. Have lots of fun Beth! Call Mom and Dad once a day and don't forget to reverse the charges... they won't mind.

    Congratulations go out to Rick Faust for nailing the air 180… whooohoooo!


    Injury List

    This year’s injury list is relatively small. Starting with the most severe is Mike Anderson with a smashed finger. Congratulations to Mike for making it to the finals in the Fireman’s Competition. Hope all is healing well.

    Tim Scalon broke his ear drum attempting a wakeboard flip and was acting very needy that night. He had all the woman feeling sooooo sorry for him. The guys saw right through ya, Tim...

    Burt Freeman injured his ankle after taking a nasty fall in the slalom course… ok, not exactly IN the slalom course... more  like the start gates.  Poor Andy and Jack has to miss their second sets… due to Burt’s excessive whining.  (Geez Burt, it's not like you were gonna be walking around the boat on it. You should have at least found a leather strap to bite down on and then offer to drive for 'em.)

    Eric Grinnalds tore the calluses off both hands in the barefoot race to the dam… His compassionate team mates wrapped him with duck tape and threw him back in to finish up. Hay, NO PAIN, NO GAIN, right?  (Take notes Burt)

    Jack Grinnalds and Andy Beall both had pre-summer forearm pulls. It Seems there's more of a price to pay for a new ski than what's printed on the price tag.

    Deb Kauffman had some nasty feet bruises from barefooting. Time heals all wounds, dear. (So does a nice foot massage from Larey.)

    Patty Parker’s arm started looking like Popeye’s.  No one knows for sure what happened here… maybe we should interrogate Steve some more?


    River Sightings

    There have been a few river sightings worth mentioning… so here they are in no particular order.

    • Bill Welch was sighted practicing his slalom starts,  on a boom no less. Getting ready for the next tournament Bill?
    • Burce Cook was spotted in a new ski boat this summer. A red and white Ski Centurion.
    • Patty Parker was seen damn near nude... she was in a shorty wetsuit, (not her usual drysuit). Must of been a nasty heat wave!
    • And, Frank Gates was seen driving a Nautique at a high rate of speed and enjoying it! (See Eric Grinnalds for verification.) This might be a good time to make Frank an offer on his Stars and Stripes.



    In short, we all had lots of fun this year and are sad to see the summer come to an end. But remember, friendship picks up where it left off. So have fun this winter and keep in touch. If we don’t hear from you… SEE YA NEXT YEAR !!!


    PS… Bill Filling is looking for hardcopy club photographs for his bar and Andy Beall is looking for electronic photos for the web.