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Spring, 2004




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The Spring 2004 Officer's and Director's Meeting was held March 27, 2004. Andy Beall, President, presided.  Those present were; Steve Johnson, Vice President, April Freeman, Secretary, Pat Grinnalds, Treasurer, Tara Filling, Membership, and Directors, Bill Welch and Bill Filling. Also in attendance to offer moral support were Valerie Johnson, Debbie Sucec, Jack Grinnalds, and Pat Sucec.



Secretary's Report:


April Freeman reviewed minutes and old business from last season. Membership and disposition of the club's ski jump were sited as areas of concern.



Treasurer's Report:


Pat Grinnalds reported a club treasury balance of $4519.77. She also reported that, as of Mar. 27, 2004, Ken Katz is the only member to have sent in his yearly dues. The officers and directors agree that Ken must be eager to volunteer for something.



New Business:


New business and decisions that were discussed and agreed upon are listed as follows, including the 2004 schedule of events:


E-mail Communications - The officers and directors recognize the importance of club communication. Every effort will be made this year to acquire current email addresses from ALL club members and to convey the importance of this communication media to the club.


Ski Jump - The decision was made to disassemble the jump.  Bill Filling will be contacting people for a work crew. June 12, 1:00 pm has be set aside for this exciting activity.


Slalom Course and Swim Platform Permits - Permits were reviewed and are valid until Dec. 2004. No activity is required.


Slalom Course repairs - The much-needed repairs to the 1/16" current cables was approved prior to the officer's meeting and repairs were completed in the afternoon, prior to the officer's meeting. Lengths of all segments were verified and/or adjusted and new locking snap clips and crimps were applied throughout. New PVC arms for 1 through 6 ball have also been approved. Work will begin a couple weeks prior to course installation, near the Freeman's fire ring at Gamler's, if R.L. grants permission.


Swim Platform Rescue, Repair/Replacement - The club's swim platform, which was secured to the island prior to last fall's flood, is now MIA. Pat Sucec will be heading up an effort to either find or replace this invaluable item. If it needs to be replaced, Pat will submit plans for approval and select a work crew. Replacement cost is estimated to be $700.00


LAWSC vs. Severn River Ski Club - Jack Grinnalds will be exploring the possibility of a friendly competition between LAWSC and the Severn River Ski Club near Annapolis. This will likely be a home and away slalom event. Jack will report his findings to the club at the next meeting.


Adaptive Ski Event - The Easter Seals event will be held the weekend of Aug. 14-15. It is unclear at this time if Larey Kauffman will be here to provide us with his extraordinary leadership in 2004. We are looking for someone to step forward and fill the very important role.


Fund-raisers - Bill Walsh has volunteered to lead a 50-50 style fund-raiser. Proceeds will benefit both LAWSC and Easter Seals. Angie Banner is going to be assigned the task of acquiring new club apparel. All profits will benefit LAWSC.


Membership Drive - Andy Beall is going to contact AWSA to obtain names of AWSA members in the area who are not members of LAWSC to advise them of our existence and invite them to join. Other membership growth ideas included linking to popular water sport equipment and tournament boat web sites to increase our club's visibility.


Committees and Chairpersons - The following committees and their respective chairpersons are as follows:


Slalom Committee

   Steve Johnson

      Repairs, replacements and installation 


Swim Platform Committee

   Pat Sucec

      Search and repair or replace


Island Committee

   Dennis Grove and April Freeman

      Island bulletin board revitalization


Clothing Committee

   Angie Banner

      T-shirts, polo's and sweats, designs to be provided by April Freeman and Andy Beall


Social Committee

   April Freeman (May and June), Valerie Johnson (July), Tara (August and September)


Warning: Chairpersons reserve the right to wrangle anyone and everyone into helping!


2004 Schedule of Events - The following events have been scheduled


May 15  Island Cleanup and Garden Planting.  Food provided.  (Steve & Valerie Johnson)


May 22  Install Course 8:00 AM.  Food provided.  (Steve Johnson)


May 30  Social and Club Meeting at noon.  Food provided.  (Andy Beall, April Freeman)


May 30  Memorial Day Ski Tournament followed by breakfast.  (Steve Johnson)


June 12  Dismantle Jump at 1:00 PM.  Food provided.  (Bill Filling)


July 3  Slalom Tournament followed by breakfast.  (Steve Johnson)


July 4  Club meeting and social.  (Andy Beall, Valerie Johnson)


July 17  Teen Day/Crazy Days 1:00 PM.  Food provided  (Matthew Johnson, Autumn Lau)


Aug 13  Kick off dinner 6:00PM.  (April Freeman, Debbie Sucec, Bev McConnell)


Aug 14/15  Easter Seals Event.  (Andy Beall)


Aug 21  Barefoot Regatta at sunrise followed by breakfast.  (Parkers)


Sept 4  Slalom Tournament  followed by breakfast.  (Steve Johnson, Tara Filling)


Sept 5  Club meeting and elections.  Food provided.  (Andy Beall, Tara Filling)


Oct 2  Remove Slalom Course  9:00 AM.  Food provided.  (Steve Johnson)


Events are typically scheduled for Saturday.  The next day will be rain day.  See the chairperson for additional details and themes.





After nearly 3 hours of discussions, everyone was in favor of adjournment!